wheelbarrow rides

the latest addition to our farming equipment is this wheelbarrow which has been far more fun than i any of us could have anticipated. sometimes, we parade around our little hobby-farm in it and waves like princes and princesses as we pass by chickens, pigs, puppies and those unfortunate souls who don't get to ride. other times, we charge across the yard like warriors in a chariot or pioneers in their covered wagon. living on a farm is entirely too much fun. i love this new chapter.


postscript: please, someone remind me why i'm going into debt to live somewhere other than here. college is great, don't get me wrong. but my school doesn't have a chariot, nor do i have adorable little siblings to parade me around while i'm there. so i'm beginning to wonder what the point even is. jk. (but maybe not.) 


  1. This made me smile so much. Beautiful! <3

  2. There really is no place like home...with siblings...whom you can be silly with!! :)


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