cherry picking

wonders are many on earth, and the greatest of these
is man, who rides the ocean and makes his way
through the deeps, through the wind-swept valleys of perilous seas
that surge and sway.

he is master of ageless earth, to his own will bending
the immortal mother of gods by the sweat of his brow,
all year succeeds to year, with toil unending 
of mule and plough. 

he is lord of all things living; birds of air
beasts of the field, all creatures on sea and land
he takes, cunning to capture and ensnare
with sleight of hand;

hunting the savage beast from the upland rocks, 
taming the mountain monarch in his lair,
training the wild horse and the roaming ox;
his yoke to bear.


cherries are starting to come in. they're tart and a little funny-shaped, but a delight to gather nonetheless. there is something wholly satisfactory about growing, caring for and eating from the plants that surround your home. these acts have sparked in me a newfound interest in the creation narratives. in particular, i've meditated on our inherited role as nurturers of the earth and what that constitutes. and, i think, part of our duty in this blessed world involves picking fruit to make into pies. its a wonderful life.

ps. shout out to sophoclese. he gets it. 


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