22 things that make me smile

1. waking up to sunshine streaming into the bedroom.

2. beethoven's pathetique (no. 8, ii.), preferably played on piano by my big brother. but also any beethoven or anything played by eric on the piano.

3. these women and many, many others. i've been given the most wonderful friends.

4. arriving to work and being greeted by 13 hugs and happy exclamations of "miss mariah is here!"

5. stripes. (they are my favorite color, after all)

6. dinners with the entire family around the table, most especially when we pray grace. i love hearing the little voices as they say "bless us o lord...."

7. john paul ii. i love that man  and of course, his letter to artists.

8. etymology. (whatever guys. i can be a nerd if i want to be)

9. when my parents don their hats and bandannas each evening to walk about the farm together.

10. as i write this, my siblings are coming in one by one and wishing me a happy birthday. i love them to pieces.

11. prospective travel planning. (spain is calling!)

12. finishing a novena. i finally completed another 54 day novena last week. deo gratias.

13. making paper airplanes with little ones.

14. that one time when i convinced a professor that i thought that referring to st augustine as 'augie' was most definitely not ok and likely a sin. so gullible. sheesh. professors these days. ;)

15. random, just-thinking-of-you calls, texts and letters...both receiving and sending them.

16. not having to eat cafeteria food for a couple months. but also when the caf serves tacos.

17. ave verum corpus. a profession of vows took place near my diocese and this was sung by sisters during communion. so so so beautiful.

18. having wonderful things to look forward to in life, but also the most lovely things in the very present moment.

19. the lord said once to st catherine of siena, "for i will only your well being and whatever i give, i give it so that you might achieve the end for which i created you" and i love that.

20. providence. all that is necessary is provided.

21. having not only the best job ever, but also getting to visit the eucharist both before and after a shifts. my heart is overflowing.

22. i get to be my favorite number for a whole year. how cool is life, guys.

What makes you smile today?


  1. ok i just love this and isn't being greeted by a multitude of little hugs on coming to work the best thing ever <3

    1. it's so very, very wonderful! i love those kids to pieces.

      thanks for stopping by, kathryn. always good to hear from you. <3


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