Welcome Back

Hello, friends,

I have found myself back home after completing what was my second semester of college. Coming back to family and the farm brings such a sense of interior renewal, a deep breath of fresh air that I tend to forget is even needed.

b r e a t h e 

While I had intended upon staying at school for the summer and taking another full credit load over the coming months, I ultimately decided against being insane. Despite the richness and beauty of my studies, rest from the constancy of stress and sleep deprivation which college brings is needed. 

r e s t

So here I am. Now a few months lay ahead which won't be altogether leisurely, but I hope to be months spent in the pursuit of beauty and out in the fields. While freshman year was wonderful, I expect the summer break to be enjoyable too. I'm looking forward to it.

e n j o y

My final hope (aside from marrying rich and entering into the heavenly kingdom, of course.) is to bring this little space of the internet back to life. This means more photography, reflections, philosophy puns and keeping in touch with all of you once again. Blogging has long been on my heart, but the demands of school have forced it to a back burner. Hopefully this can be reversed for the next couple of months. 

Until the next,


  1. Replies
    1. PEREGRIN. Are you going to be blogging once more this summer???

  2. Missed all your posts!! So glad you're back, Mariah. =)

  3. i am sooooooo happy that you're back and i just want to come to your house to visit and snatch all those books out of your arms so i can read them. ;) but you can keep city of God and the republic because i have those already.

    summer is one of my favorite times of year because you and peregrin and samantha and all the other beauty-seekers come back to the blogging world and make my life richer. ♥

    1. Mmm. I'd love to share because they were all excellent in each their own way. Caldecott's Beauty for Truth's sake was my very favorite and knowing of your affinity for learning and beauty, I think you'd like it as well. :)


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