m i c h a e l

While describing his experience packing for home:

"I have three pairs of knee socks. Red ones, blue ones and pink ones. I found one of each. Sigh." 

While describing his new bike rack: 

"With this, I now can pick up chicks!"

While describing the pilot he saw on his last trip:

"He was wearing a Star Trek com bag. I was wearing my Star Trek sweatshirt. I walked up to him, told him to live long and prosper. Then I ran away." 

While describing the glories of hair-loss: 

"Don't think of it as losing hair, bur rather as gaining forehead." 

While describing his outfit of choice (socks with flipflops): 

"No one will even know I'm from Minnesota!"

My brother is a gem. Deo Gratias.


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