catholic studies immersion ||| september 2015

I don't give this blog space much more than a passing thought anymore. At first it was a troubling thing to think of having started yet another project that I couldn't keep up with, but in time I realized that some things have their rightful place on the back burner. This blog is one of them.

For those unaware and disconnected from my buddy, Instagram,* I broke from the belief of  "college is dumb and the worst thing in the world" and moved 500 miles from home to study Theology at the University of Mary last month. It was a dramatic turn of events over the last year that lead me to this place, but one that I'm grateful for.

Three weeks have passed now since my arriving here. Everything is still new but thankfully not so overwhelming as the first several days were. By 'several' I mean 14 or so. And by 'overwhelming' I mean brutal.

But by 'brutal' I mean #blessed. (We're not going to talk about how cliche that was. Move it didn't see anything, folks.) In every aspect -and especially in the ways it has been difficult-college life has been beautiful and good.

Of course, there is a great deal I could say about that, but time is a precious thing and I’ve wasted a great deal of it already. Let it suffice to say that when pushed out of a “happy” little bubble of comfort, challenges of all sorts arise and those challenges are given with purpose. Again, I am grateful; this is an opportunity like no other.

Last weekend a group of about 50 students and faculty traveled west to Richardton and North Dakota’s Badlands for a few days of exile and pilgrimage...also bonfires, star gazing and monks because why not, Minot.  

Poetry was read in natural amphitheatres, s’mores roasted, brain teasers played, a herd of buffalo crossed the road (which could be the start of a bad joke if you wanted) all along with works from St. Augustine, Benedict XVI, Papa Francis and the Psalms scattered in between. It wasn’t altogether miserable. Wink.

Here are a phew photographs from the weekend. I thought it was beautiful + as my man, Peter Kreeft, would say “It is when we see beauty that our hearts fly home.” Swoon.

"God wants you to serve him as you are, and by the exercises and virtuous deeds that accord with your state in life. And in addition to persuading yourself of this truth, you must also make yourself to love your state in life and its duties, and to love them tenderly, for the sake of the One who has willed it thus. But you see, this must not be a passing thought, it must be a consideration that remains in the very front of your heart. Over time, by continual recollection and attention, this truth will become enjoyable to your spirit." -Saint Francis de Sales

(Not going to lie, it's easier to enjoy college life when you're in the mountains and not trying to understand Aquinas + Aristotle but not getting anywhere....but still, the challenges are good too. ) 


Hope all you lovelies are doing well. Be assured of my prayers and if you don't mind, send up a few for me too. Be holy. 


*Due to being a real life college student, I removed all the social media apps from my devices and am no longer updating instagram regularly. Don't let this break your heart. There are far greater things you could be spending your time doing than stalking my becoming a saint. So do that.


  1. I am so glad you posted! I have missed your posts but I totally understand and support putting blogging on the back burner! Soak in the moments!

  2. Nice to hear from you here and see these beautiful, beautiful photos!!! I'll miss stalking your life on Instagram, but as a fellow real-life college student, I totally understand :) Best of luck with your continued transition to college life and with trying to make sense of Aquinas + Aristotle, and I'll be keeping you in my prayers! <3


    These pictures are gorgeous, with so much depth. In love.

    P.S. Study on, girlfriend. It'll all be worth it.

  4. So nice to hear from you! Those pictures are gorgeous. <3 Praying for you!

  5. the peter kreeft quote and stuff and the photos and it's all so beautiful but kind of lonely and sad, too, because there's that bit of beauty that we're missing, because we're infinite souls in a finite world. DANG. <3 <3 <3

  6. Eee! I'm so happy to see a new post! I will be praying for you!



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