We've been given a Love that transcends human comprehension. 

Jesus Christ, both truly man + truly divine, willingly endured brutal death by the cross in atonement for our sin. He suffered, died + was buried for no reason than out of magnificent love for us.  I can't wrap my head around that. 

Too often I think of God's love like that of man's. Good, but lacking. It fails. It's limited. Here lies the reason I'm overly self-reliant and distrusting of His infinite goodness. I think of His death on the cross and that it was done for those who actually give their lives back to Him...great saints...people who deserve a Love like that. And that's it. 

But no. 

His Love is without limit. His Love was for the greatest of the greats + for screwups like myself. I can't picture it. I'm not deserving of it...yet I'm given that ceaseless, unadulterated love anyway. It's a Love I can't comprehend... But a Love I am so grateful for. Dang.


  1. Blogger says you published this three minutes ago. Stalkerish, I know. ;)
    Your words are so true. ♥♥♥ It's absolutely mindblowing.

    1. Do you just sit around on the computer waiting for me to post? Because that would be scary. ;) Love ya, Peregrin! Have a blessed Holy Week!! ♥

    2. P.s. You posted that comment two minutes ago + I've already replied. I'm just as stalkerish as you apparently.

    3. I literally had just wandered downstairs to see what was up in the world. xD

    4. That is such a funny sentence... ;)

  2. I can't wrap my brain around it either - that we are here because He loves us, that He gave everything because He loves us...and that in spite of all this, He has no need for us whatsoever. He is complete without us. And yet He loves us. GAHHH. Much love, Mariah. <3

  3. Simply awesome, in the truest sense of the word.


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