b a c k t o b e a u t y


When we allow beauty to pierce our hearts, 
it awakens in us our deepest desires, our desire for the Infinite.  
Beauty has the ability to seize our hearts and 
transform us from within.
Father Benedict | Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI 

It's been a painfully long time since I've really put an effort into noticing, crafting + capturing beauty. What used to be a day-in, day-out pursuit has become almost like something of the past. New ideas, formations + aspirations have been taking their toll, consuming my life bit by bit. Not a bad thing in it's entirety, but I miss some things.

Part of me needed a break from art. It was time to get off pinterest, time to shake off the pro-photographer-mindset, time to explore truth + goodness + napping. I needed time to let new things fall into place--and eventually, they did. Or at least, are starting to. Deo gratias.

These days I hardly ever touch my camera or let the paints break free from their box. I don't doodle, scrapbook or knit like I used to. In certain ways, that's all okay. I've discovered new affinities for study, socializing (no...really.), and simple prayer in the quiet. Days often involve little joys such as mealtimes in the kitchen, noticing sunshine, tickle wars, writing letters and....instagram. ;)

Still though, there is an ardent need for beauty. And I miss the quest of finding it.

The pursuit of beauty is truly the pursuit of Beauty Himself. Beauty, like truth and goodness, bring us to God because He is those things absolutely and completely. Beauty is not merely an ornament; the icing on the cake. Beauty is the cake and it is most necessary.

While my interests and endeavors are slightly different than before, I'm realizing the need for creating art and so I'm getting back into it. This isn't just for my own good, but for that of others too because Beauty will save the world. 


  1. Oh wow, this is beautiful Mariah!! <3


  3. Beautiful! And that quote from Pope Benedict... <3


  4. AMEN. AMEN. AMEN. <3 This is so beautiful! Thank you! And #ilovepopebenedictxvi. :)

  5. I so enjoy reading Benedict's writings! Lovely reflection. ♡

  6. Love this. *sigh* I really need to invest in a good camera... ya'll are so inspiring with your beautiful photos. <3

  7. If you think about it, if we are pursuing God then we'll always find beautiful things because God himself is beauty. We won't even have to look- they'll just appear in our lives.

  8. Your photos are stunning! The quote hits the nail on the head. <3 Yes, yes, yes.


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