January 2nd is the birthday of Saint Therese of Lisieux. I'm so excited to celebrate because she's become a really good friend of mine these past few months.

In honor of her birthday, I'm posting photographs of my day in Lisieux, France (!!!!!!!!!!!) and a little bit about how she's been interceding for me...something I'm so grateful for. It's going to be good.

However, that post has gotten really...really...long. So as to not overwhelm you/force you into hatred of my blog posts...I'm sharing some things in this post. Like a sneak-peak. Or an over-flow post. Or something along those lines.

L I S I E U X , F R A N C E 



“I am now at a time of life when I can look back 
on the past, for my soul has been refined in 
the crucible of interior and exterior trials. 
Now, like a flower after the storm, 
I can raise my head and see that 
the words of the Psalm are realised in me: 

"The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall want nothing. 
He hath set me in a place of pasture. 
He hath brought me up on the water of refreshment. 
He hath converted my soul. 
He hath led me on the paths 
of justice for His own Name's sake. 
For though I should walk in the midst 
of the shadow of death, I will fear no evils 
for Thou are with me."
Saint Therese | Story of a Soul
Psalm 23:1-4


(While away in Europe I made a few videos for my family to keep them updated on my adventures. They were often  messy, one-take clips that did little more than show all those back at home that I was still alive and that I was seeing cool stuff. For kicks and giggles, I thought I'd include the video from my day in Lisieux, France--undoubtedly my favorite day of all of 2014.)


  1. Beautiful. ♥♥♥

  2. Europe is simply lovely! I love all the colors and different personalities of the cities and countries there!

  3. Ohmygosh, how gorgeous!!! I really hope I can go to Lisieux someday. (where St. Therese lived!! goodness I will majorly fangirl...)

    And I know exactly what you mean about all the tourists taking pictures but not really understanding what's around them. All the people selling things saying "buy, buy, buy!" I feel like that's how it was in places like Rome and Florence when I went to Italy last year, but then when we got to Assisi it was completely different. It was quiet and peaceful, people were praying, and no one was pressuring you to buy touristy things. Sounds like Lisieux. <3 So lovely.

    1. Assisi is on the top of my list of places to go for that exact reason!! Someday I'll make it out to Italy (Study Abroad?? FINGERS CROSSED!) and while Rome + those other places are going to be so epic...I really am just so excited about Assisi. Someday someday.


      (p.s. I read about your adventures to Assisi forever ago and that's kind of what made me want to go there in the first place!)

  4. This.Is.Awesome. Nuf said, cause otherwise I'll go crazy trying to make the words justify it. [[not happening]]


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