Our Lord loves you, and loves you tenderly. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey or prayer life (which aren't necessarily separate from eachother) He is calling out to you. He thirsts for a greater relationship with you. Gaze upon an image of His Most Sacred Heart! Can you not see longing in His adorable face? That longing is for YOU.

I, as well as many, struggle with prayer. If you're in this same boat I encourage you to try with a greater intensity, because the time is now. You're not called to sainthood tomorrow when the weather is scheduled to be better, or next week after that loathsome test has been taken. You're called to sainthood in this very moment. SO PRAY.

It is through prayer that we satisfy both our longing for Him, but also God's longing for US. Prayer is not all about you! Bl. Mother Teresa has been one of my go-to-gals since forever (DEAR POPE FRANCIS. WHY MAMMA T BE NO SAINT YET. FOR REALZ.), but most recently I've fallen in love with her intense desire to satiate the thirst of Jesus Christ. He holds a thirst so strong, and it is for you. For your love & for the chance to love you.

Perhaps in comparison to the heroism that each of the Saints had, our humble prayers seem infinitesimal. A couple Hail Mary's hardly compares to St. Francis' dramatic disseminating of belongings, or Padre Pio's ability to biolocate. I'm all for extravagance, but it seems that more often than not, we are asked to simply "do small things with great love." (Mother Teresa) Those little offerings of prayer as you wash dishes or as your eyes flutter shut at the end of the evening...those are beautiful, heroic, and above all, so pleasing to God. Be not disheartened by these seemingly insignificant ways of sacrifice that you've been called to take on. Do not forget that you are a Child of God and created for greatness! Through these small things; each little Hail Mary, Our Father, or even the simple sign of the cross contributes to that exact end & further comforts & satisfies Jesus. Talk about a win-win.

Take advantage of the opportunity before you to converse with your Creator! Our generation is all about connecting;  through social media, technology, heck, even with the greater ease of traveling we're able to connect and converse more and more. Imagine if we dedicated the same amount of time and zeal into conversation with God as we did to our social circles! *brain explodes of holiness*

Ready to be a saint and satisfy the heart of Jesus? LETS GET REAL!

-Distraction is often the most profound obstacle as I pray. The rosary has proven to be an excellent means of combating such adversities. As Padre Pio said while describing the rosary "it is with this that one wins battles." For me, it is in juggling  Hail Mary's, meditating on the life of Christ, throwing a few petitions in here & there (#sinnerprobs)  and having something tangible to hold that helps immensely in keeping my mind & body busy.

-Since it is still easy to drift into la-la-land in the midst of repetition (or in any prayer), keep in mind who you are speaking to. Are you addressing the Creator of the Universe? The Queen of Heaven?  HELLOOOOO get over yourself and give them your fullest attention!

-Kneeling helps.  I'm not saying I'm usually that pious, but it's okay. You should always strive to be holier than I or else we'll both end up as really lame saints.

-Be real with yourself and set aside a time that works for prayer 9 times out of 10, then stick with it! If you need help staying accountable, let me know. I can be annoying.

-Surround yourself with holy things! Icons, metals around your neck, a rosary in your car...anything to remind you of prayer. We have a prayer card of JPII on our fridge...I ask him for his intercession alllll the time. Because the fridge is where I tend to be most of the day....heh...heh.

-Read up on lives of the saints, and pay special attention to their devotion to and means of prayer. JPII, Padre Pio, Mother Teresa, and St.Therese are excellent role models. (DID YOU KNOW PADRE PIO WOULD OFTEN SAY 30+ ROSARYS IN A DAY. HOLY MOLY.)

-Sacraments. Alwayyyz.

-Remember that when you call upon the sweet name of Jesus, our Heavenly Mother, that they come immediately into your presence. Ask for their comfort, and open yourself to feel their loving embrace. Even when you cannot feel their presence, it is there. Just try to wrap your head around THAT one.

-While still a foreign ordeal for me, it is  very good and helpful to remember your Guardian Angel. Acknowledge his existence! Ask for his help in perseverance and to keep your mind on God as you pray.

-As mentioned before, remember that prayer is not only about you. Humility is key here, so pray for that too. While you're at it, please pray that I can increase in humility too...Because...yeah.

-Have someone you can discuss prayer with. It has helped me beyond measure to have someone trustworthy in my life to talk about all things God. That person will help keep you on track...and when the goings get rough (they always do) you're going to need that. FEEL FREE to hit me up if you need a prayer buddy. (thereismariah@gmail.com) 

Thanks so much for reading along!



P.s. What tips do you have for ME? What prayers/kinds of prayer are you particularly drawn to? Who are your saintly prayer warriors? 

*PHOTOCREDZ: http://www.2heartsnetwork.org/SacredHeartJesus.jpg


  1. Wow...my mind exploded a few times there, girl. These tips were so helpful...I really struggle with prayer. I either forget (GASP) or don't know what to "say". P.S. I had to go check to see if we really did have a JPII picture on our fridge. ;) Hehe.


    1. My dear baby sister..., HOW COULD YOU NOT NOTICE JP2'S FACE BEFORE?! OMG! I'm unsistering you. ;)

      Also, it's ok. I suck at prayer too. It must run in the family. By family, I mean humanity because...well, it's hard. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't give it a go! Just think of your best friend...you'd be willing to go through all kinds of troubles and annoyances for her...out of love, right? This PROVES that you are capable of loyalty, love and perseverance. All ya gotta do now is channel that inner-best-friend and give it to God in prayer.

      #lookthisispracticallyablogpostinofitself #lolscore

      Love you.

  2. Prayer is hard. Humility is hard. It's so hard they wrote a litany for it (https://www.ewtn.com/Devotionals/prayers/humility.htm). Anyway, you're in my prayers. This is some of the best prayer advice I've heard. <3 God bless you!

    1. AWE SNAP. The litany of humility keeps popping into my life... must be the Holy Spirit. You know, I talk a lot about needing humility, but it's so goshed darned awful to pray for. Thanks for keeping me in line, Grace dear! I'll start praying it right away.

      God bless YOU!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this post. It comes at a timely manner since I am going through some things in my life right now wherein prayer seems to be my only refuge. It is such a powerful weapon against anything we go through in life. Most of my prayers consist of showing gratitude for what I'm given and also for strength to go through day by day with faith and strength so I can surpass whatever it is that life throws at me. :)


    1. Oh, hello Abby!! So happy to see you here.

      My prayers are with you in this icky time. I know life gets rough, but what a wonderful grace you've been given in knowing that prayer is the ultimate refuge!! Stay strong. Remember to Whom you belong...you are not forgotten nor unloved, only being called to a deeper relationship with God.

  4. You are a beautiful soul Mariah. I know, the struggles are real! I don't know when you like to pray but for me I love waking up before the rest of the house and get a hot cup of something and do my morning prayers and spiritual reading. It sets a good tone for the day. I would also suggest trying to make a holy hour once a week if you can, or even just 15mins in His presence is wonderful. I enjoy doing the divine office but being real here I usually only do the evening prayer. I have read a couple books on the Holy Spirit and love saying this consecration prayer everyday:
    Most Holy Trinity! Receive the consecration that I make of my entire being. From this moment on, come into every area of my life and into each of my actions. You are my Light, my Guide, my Strength and the sole desire of my heart. I abandon myself without reserve to your divine action, and I desire to be ever docile to your inspirations. Oh Holy Spirit! Transform me with and through Mary, into another Christ Jesus, for the glory of the Father and the salvation of the world. Amen.

    I seriously consider the Saints my bff's <3 I love the depth of Thomas Aquinas, the young desire of union to Jesus of Teresa of the Andes, the womanly insights of Edith Stein, and the downright awesomeness of John Paul 2!

    1. What. A. Fantastic. Reply.

      Evenings are my go-to-prayer time, but my mornings need to start off the same way. I've wanted to start doing the evening + morning prayers, but haven't yet gotten that accomplished....but good for you that you're on top of it!! Would you believe I don't even know what the Divine Office is?! #sheltered #babycatholicprobs I'll work on that too. Totally been on my heart lately to start going to adoration...thanks for that little kick in the pants to get me going. ;)

      I will ask all your saintly buddies to intercede for you! God bless you, my friend. <3

    2. I will message you some things on the divine office. Haha, its the opposite for me, evenings are my hardest times to pray. Oh yes, try to go to adoration, your life will be forever changed. You don't even have to do prayers or spiritual reading, sometimes just sitting there is what you need.

  5. Oh what a great post! I'm all inspired now to work harder at prayer during my day. And I *love* your "To Sainthood!" My favorite saints (well, I love them all) would be Our Lady, St. Therese, Mother Teresa, St. Josemarie Escriva, Pope St. JPII (yay!), and Padre Pio. My middle name is Pia after Padre Pio :) I'm also very inspired by a girl named Montserrat Grases (you can read about her here: http://opusdei.us/en-us/article/biography-of-montse-grases/ and a little longer but good: http://www.scepterpublishers.org/product/samples/4684.pdf) who died when she was only 18 of bone cancer. I think she's a Servant of God... not quite a saint yet, but I'm sure she'll be canonized before long. So those are my prayer warriors. :)

    I say a quick morning offering every morning, and I'm lucky to be able to go to daily Mass with my mom most mornings. If I don't go to Mass I try (but sometimes don't succeed) to say my morning offering and then do some spiritual reading and praying for the graces I need throughout the day. The morning offering I say is:
    Oh Jesus of the most pure and sacred Heart, I offer You all my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day, for all the intentions of Your Sacred Heart, in union with the holy sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world. I offer them especially for the Pope's intentions for this day. Amen.
    Its nice and quick if your in a hurry, and its really a great way to offer up every little thing you do during the day as a prayer to God. :) That's my two cents!
    God bless!
    PS you should check out the Pure Faith prayer book compiled by Jason Everet. It is AWESOME! It has prayers for like... every special intention, to every saint, before and after Mass and Communion, and its just amazing. :)

    1. I love the Pure Faith prayerbook!!!

    2. Nuala, first of all, THANK YOU for putting so much time into making such a thoughtful response. I'm touched that you would be so willing to share your own tips with me.

      I definitely need to get onto this Morning Offering band-wagon...since all the cooool Cath olics are doing it, I should be too obviously! ;) It really is an excellent prayer though, and it's length is totally doable for my groggy-morning persona....haha

      Your saint buddies are almost the same as mine...twinsies! I've never heard of Montserrat Grases before...thanks so much for sharing her story!

      Definitely have had Pure Faith recommended to me before! Jason Evert's books are always fantastic, so I really should just go ahead and buy it....

      God Bless!

  6. Mariah, like, what, this is awesome, I can't even word cause you are such a beautiful soul. ♥♥♥ I'm literally sitting here with a warm fuzzy feeling inside and a stern determination to go become a Saint. Love you so much!

    1. Aww... Thanks for such kindness, dear Peregrin!! You've just made ME feel all warm and fuzzy.

      P.s....GO AND BE THAT SAINT, LADY!!! (Prayers for you & your endeavors!)

  7. Can I come move in with your family? Surrusly.

    1. Please. Do.

      Abs & I have a queen sized bed...there's plenty of room for the three of us!!! ;)

  8. Gosh, Mariah this is just what I've been needing to hear. <333 Prayer has just been such a struggle for me lately, and your tips and things are just perfect. This was totally inspiring and lovely and... well basically the best post ever. :) I too LOVE Mother Teresa, and her little quotes about how to live life are just my favorite. "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." "Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." "Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin." I just, I just can't... <3
    And JPII - again, too awesome for words, really. :) Also St Therese, besides being my confirmation saint, has always been my role model and go-to saint when I need help. ;) Her "Little Way" is just so inspiring, and seriously if you haven't yet, definitely read Story of a Soul. And of course "to Jesus, through Mary" - the Blessed Mother is ALWAYS there ready to help us. :) There are seriously so many amazing saints that it's crazy awesome.

    Anyway, thank you so much for such a rallying call to buckle down and really START PRAYING! I've gotten so lax lately... it's just like I keep shoving it off, "oh I'll do that praying later cuz I've got these other things to do right now.." *cringe* I always need reminders and this was fabulous. Praying for ya, God bless! <3

    1. Aww, sweet Kathryn! It's so hard to remain prayerful when life is so crazy. If nothing else, ask your guardian angel to keep your thoughts on Heaven, keeping our end goal in mind is a good motivator to pray a little more.

      I KNOW RIGHT. Mother Teresa all the way!! I've been doing some practice essays for the SAT & no matter the prompt, I've been able to incorporate Mother Teresa in somehow... kind of proud about that. ;) Her humble heart showed us how much goodness there is in simplicity Her little gems of wisdom have done wonders in my life; between her passionate promotion of human dignity and accepting ALL that God asked of her...goodness gracious, there is just a lot to learn.

      I will remember you in prayer & ask St. Therese to intercede for you as well. Be holy!!!

  9. I am sitting here nearly crying because I NEEDED this. God works through you, Mariah. <3 I've been feeling so terribly lukewarm of late...and struggling with that...and then THIS came along. Sorry for the caps, I'm just so grateful. God bless you! (a gajillion times over)

    1. Glad to have worked as a little push for you... :) It's so hard to keep motivated, I struggle too. Do you ever read & reread your own posts?? Yeah, I've done that a million times already because lets face it, I need to listen to my own advice....

      Remember why you exist! Remember where you are going! Let your mind be filled with those things rather than what crazy stuff is going on in the world. You were created for perfect union with Christ...chase that! And prayer will naturally follow. <3

      God bless YOU.


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