Woot! An excuse to talk about myself! ;) Thanks to the lovely Grace for the nomination! 

1.) What is the last movie you watched and your favourite thing about it?
I last watched Tom Hanks in 'BIG' as the in-flight movie on my way home. What struck me about it was that his wish to be 'big' was granted and it ended up not being the best thing for him. This reminded me of how we often pray for things that are perhaps not for our own greater good. How wonderful it is that God lovingly gives us what we DO need...even if it wasn't what we initially asked for/wanted!

2.) Chocolate or vanilla?
Tough one. I can't have chocolate after a certain time of the day because it keeps me up all night, but I prefer it over vanilla in most cases. So... chocolate is better, but vanilla is the more is the smarter choice. Because sleep = my best friend.

3.) What should I be reading?
Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis de Monfort. I'm less than a third of the way into it and I've been blown away several times by St. Louis' words!

4.) You get to visit just one place (city, town, landmark, site, etc.) in all of Europe. Where will you go?
Assisi. I'm a small-town girl will an infatuation with St. Francis + St. Clare. Can't wait to get out there someday.

5.) What is your favourite song right now?
Matisyahu's Live Like a Warrior can alllwwayyys get me going.

Or Everything is Awesome. Because #storyofmylife

6.) Your quote to live by?

7.) What is one thing about yourself that you really like?
I LIKE MY HAIR AND I LIKE THINKING.  I can't always translate my thoughts into sentences or conversations, but my brain goes on and on and on. And I love that.
Dear Jesus, deliver me from my pride.... 

8.) Hypothetically, would you wear a plaid beret?
Not without an outside influence making me....

9.) What think you of flavoured teas?
Um... I like it? I think? Ginger, hibiscus, raspberry...those are all tasty!

10.) Is there a course or subject that you think everyone should learn? What is it?
Am I allowed to invent a subject? Honestly, I think everyone should get out and travel at some point in their lives--especially during their young adult years. Broaden your horizons! Get out of your head and realize what you are surrounded by!

11.) The weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
An open faced sandwich with curried herring and cucumbers. Taste wise=quite alright. Texture wise=shoot me now. 

I think all my blogger friends have already been nominated at some point or another, but I'd still love to write out questions and read your responses!! If you should like to answer a few (or all) leave a comment!! :)

1. If trapped in the inside of a whale and forced to celebrate your hobo-friends' birthday what would you give as a gift? 

2. With it's teachings/beliefs slightly skewed from those of Catholicism, do you think that listening to contemporary Christian music is worthwhile & a non-issue or could potentially pose a threat to confusion in beliefs? 

3. Is there a particular dish that you make well?---a signature dish, if you will? OR what is your *dream* signature dish?


5. What is that one song that makes you role your eyes in annoyance and want to throw eggs at random cats crossing the street? (This is mine. In case you were wondering. Groaann. ) 

6. Upon meeting someone for the first time, what is your go-to-subject for when the conversation lulls? 

7. How can I pray for you? :)


  1. Secret of the Rosary is an amazing book. I'm due for a reread

  2. 1.) What is there to get inside of a whale? Could I snap off a fairly-unnecessary bone? That'd be cool. I think... but do whales have bones?!
    2.) I think that some do post a threat to beliefs. You just have to listen to the lyrics carefully to discern which message it's sending.
    4.) I'd like to say London, England. Not because I've been there, but suppose everyone just met at the set of Diagon Alley and then the loudspeakers started blaring 'Valerie' or something? That would be awesomesauce!
    5.) 'Rude' by Magic. THAT SONG IS SO STUPID.
    6.) Siblings.
    7.) Saints Michael, Jude, Rita, Lucy, and Raphael (hehe, now I know what you're thinking concerning Raphael :P) are kind of getting me through life right now. :)

    Thank you for participating! I think I will look into Secret of the Rosary. Praying for you!

    1. UGH YES. I want to take that song and burry it in a pit of snakes....so obnoxious. And rude. ;)

      So I'll admit...while I will pray for you, the Saint Rapheal thing made me laugh so hard I cried. Girl, I feel ya. ;) struggle is real....

  3. I just clicked on that link to the 'God Made Girls' song and now I feel like I should be cleaning out my ears for fifteen and half thousand hours. WHAT THE HECK.

  4. I'd totally give my hobo-man Jonah as a present. Cause, you know... like... How cool would it be to have a prophet. But it would be sad to have your birthday present thrown up and sent to Ninevah, not to mention the moral implications... ;)

    1. I was SO not expecting this for an answer. L O L!!! You're the funniest! (Come to think of it, I'd rather like my own prophet. #GoingOnTheChristmasList

  5. Your random, crazy ideas + questions for people are what keep a smile on my face. ;) Hahha!

    1. I'd probably give my hobo friend a fried fish. Fish=easy. Fire to fry fish=not so much.
    2. Y'know..this is such a hard question because I struggle with it myself. Maybe I'll just listen to Mary hymns for the rest of my life. #forrealthough
    3.Hmm..well, I do make a pretty mean chocolate chip cookie. ;) I dream of being able to bake + frost beautiful cakes, though.
    5. All about that bass. Cause even if you're proud of your booty you shouldn't sing about your booty in a song and shake it shake it in a video. Even if it's catchy. ;)
    6. JESUS! MUSIC. FAMILY. HOBBIES. FANDOMS. But not always in that order.
    7. You can pray that I'll have patience and trust in Jesus concerning these coming years of my life. I only want to do what he has planned for me. Thanks sisteer! ♥

  6. 1. First off how did you EVER come up with that question!? Peregrin's answers is spot on ;)
    2. This I think is different for everyone. I personally listen to some secular songs that are catchy and fun but then there are others that are just weird so those are a no show.
    3. Well my family says that I make a mean apple pie, but I also make really could sauces like cheese sauce or really any sauce.
    4. World Youth Day! :) Imagine a dance party with millions of young Catholics!? I want to go to WYD in Krakow so bad!
    5. We are never ever getting back together. It just annoys me!
    6. Whats your name? Then finding what there interests are in music, movies, books (actors ;) And then of course usually religion is brought up.
    7. That no matter where my future takes me I may always walk in the sweetness of His loving will.

    1. 1. My hidden talent...haha.
      3. CHEESE SAUCES FOR THE WIN!! Go chase that dream, grace!! Then come hang out and feed me. :)
      4. So. Much. Yes.
      5. Ah, yeah...but surely you like he music video, right?! ;) ;)
      7. You got it!

    2. Fine I guess the music video is okay ;)


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