Humility & Icecream

I opened my email shortly after waking & found the day's scripture readings waiting to be opened--an email I generally ignore-- thinking that perhaps some peace could come in reading them today. I hit 'open' and scrolled down to the day's gospel: Luke 1:26-38, The Annunciation. 

After Gabriel's greeting, Mary is said to have been troubled as to what kind of salutation this might be. The angel promptly assures her of God's tender care by saying "DO NOT BE AFRAID." He goes on by telling the Virgin of God's plan, to which she humbly gives consent to. Despite any fear she might have had, Our Lady still chose God's Will over her own. Through her "yes" Christ was brought into the world. (And there was much rejoicing!!!!! #PartyInHeaven)

This is my favorite reading. Honestly, the Joyful Mysteries are the only ones I have I've meditated on this story many a time while praying the rosary. 

The fruit of this mystery is humilty; trust in God above all else...including yourself. As previously mentioned, this is a struggle for me. I love  control, I love knowing what will happen when & why. Praying on this mystery frequently usually comes to bite me in the butt...because we all know that when you ask for Humility, God wastes no time in sending you some. 

God is to humility as I am to icecream. We both love it & have a lot. The difference is that God shares.

Today I start my journey homeward. A two day long ordeal, with nearly every element laced with some sort of unknown factor. I'm anxious. I'm uneasy. I'm afraid.  The reality of it the situation is that I can do  nothing else I can do to make this last leg of my journey go better. I have no power, no control. 

While I've prayed for the next two days to go well, after reading the day's gospel I realize that my pleas should be for something else. Before leaving on my trip a friend texted me suggesting that during my travels, I take a break from all that I was surrounded by & ask God what He wants from me...and I'm trying to let that be my prayer.

Rather than asking for a certain event to go a certain way, we should pray that our hearts can grow to be more open & accepting of God's Will. His Will fits the bill. (That was dumb & I don't even know what it means. Sorry.) We ought to imitate Our Lady, and tell God "yes". YES to doing His will, even when we are afraid. YES to accepting His plan, instead of trying to follow our own. YES to letting go of the false sense of security we find in "controlling everything". And YES to letting Him love us through all the struggles that come.

Humility is knowing that there is something greater than self and that a plan exists more divine than your own. We are called to get off our high-horses and let a God take over. To toss our own feeble aspirations aside and accept His Will with faith, hope and joy.  And above all, to accept His plan without fear

 "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word." 


  1. Lovely. ♥ I can't wait to hear about the rest of your travels; meanwhile, praying for you.

  2. Yes, beautiful. Much to ponder.

  3. (and just to let you know, if you'd like a Liebster Award, I've given you one. :) )

  4. I know what you mean because I am the same way with wanting to know the when why and how! The real humility comes from asking for for it, because it is in that act that pieces of our human sinfulness is slowly and painfully being tossed away. The word Fiat is so small yet so powerful...


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