The good of goodbyes.

I woke up today in a sweet bedroom of a house that i'll call home for the next few days. It's my first morning in Denmark and I was welcomed cheerfully by sunlight streaming in and excited, childish chatter downstairs--all in Danish, no less. It's comfortable, warm & happy. I'm excited for the adventures that lay ahead. 

I said goodbye to my family some 48 hours ago. It's confusing because of the time changes (so far so good with the jet lag though...score!!) but the point remains the same. Being homeschooled & generally un-busy throughout much my life, I've spent little time away from my family. The next three weeks will be a huge stretch, and yes, I will miss them.

There comes a point though, where goodbyes are necessary. Not to be said in a selfish "LEAVE ME ALONE I HAVE TO LIVE MY LYFE."  sort of way, of course, but sometimes to the people & places & even the things we love. Sometimes we have to say those goodbyes that hurt.

We are all called to live in closer union with Christ but this cannot occur without sacrificial love. We cannot give ourselves completely to Him without letting some things go first. 

This is a common theme in stories of the saints, St. Francis of Assisi for example, gave all his comforts away to live in poverty-to ultimately live in Christ all the more. To welcome Christ fully, Francis had to first say goodbye. By releasing the comfort and acceptance of the world, he opened himself up to receiving true comfort and love.

So it is with us.

I'm not generally one to say goodbye without crying a bit-and with being as far away as I am for as long as I will be with this trip-a few tears were certainly shed. But it's important to lift up our sorrows as sacrifices, offering them to Christ for the greater good. And with our goodbyes, it is important to learn to find & accept the ways that God is calling out to us. The ways God is welcoming us to be closer to Him. The ways that God is saying hello.

If you're facing time that is hard because of the things you're having to let go of, know that I'm praying most ardently for you--we're in this together. Seek God in this. Be not afraid.



  1. MARIAH. ♥ Have a wonderful time, dear girl. I'll pray for you!

  2. Beautiful thoughts Mariah! Remind me, why are you traveling there again?

    1. One of my besties lives here & I'm visiting!! :)

  3. Well I admit most of those tears were mine. ;) But I'm so happy + excited that you get to explore an entirely different place on this beautiful earth. Love ya, dear! ♥

    1. Well only because I didn't want to be a hot mess in the airport. ;) love ya go have your own adventures!!

  4. What an exciting trip! I definitely can relate to saying goodbyes... it's been one whole month since I've been away from home at college. Eep. Anyway, I hope you are having the time of your life, Mariah. <3 Blessings! xo


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