Becoming "Elastigirl"

Oof. Now if this picture doesn't stand out like a sore-thumb in this blog, I don't know what does. 
Also, before I get into the real topic of this post, I'd just like to point out that Mrs. Incredible's supersuit is SO not modest. Maybe I should put a disclaimer here about how I don't approve of such fashions and by including this picture & how I do not mean to encourage someone to go around wearing clothes that tight. Even if they're indestructible. I mean really, just think of all the men you might lead into temptation. For realz, good luck becoming a saint in that outfit, Mrs. Incredible. 

Although, the boots are pretty hot.


The past month has been a whirlwind. Maybe it's been longer than a month? Who knows. I've spent less time at home than I ever have. (Talk to me next month after I've been across the big blue for a few weeks and I'll just laugh and laugh at my naive-ness of my past-self (aka my now current-self).

Truly, my life has not been all bad in the busy. In fact, the last month has brought some of the happiest moments of the year along with many challenges that were difficult but worth the struggle, and hey! I'm even doing better with prayer and learning about Catholic stuffs. I've only been on netflix once in the past 3 weeks, and pinterest? Not even existent in my life. Weird? Yes. Fantastic? Also yes. Proof of how crazzyyy I've been? Uh..yeah. Because if you aint got time for Once Upon a Time... YOU TOO BUSY, GURL-FRAND. Because Captain Hook. Obviously.

I found myself wondering earlier if I'm trying to juggle too many things and in that, stretching myself too thin.

Ever since I can remember, I've heard my mom preach her golden rule. A person can only juggle 3 things at once. For instance, being a homeschool-y mom, making 3 meals for us, and keeping the house presentable would be her three things. Laundry? Forget about it.  Dessert? Yeahhhh right. Landscaping? Ha.ha......ha. Having three specific  goals makes life a little more manageable. Though these things often change from day-to-day (because clean underwear is nice every once in awhile) the point is to choose what is most important and be fully present & throw yourself fully into the task.

I've adapted this same way of juggling life, not that I'm a pro or anything....Mostly, I just think about the idea of only doing three things with my life at once. It's a pleasant thought.

Once, I was reading about the lives of Nuns in the Convent Life (Martin J. Scott) and came across a line that struck me.

"From early morning until night, [the sisters] are occupied either in preparing themselves for service to others or in performing that service."

Those in the religious life go fully into their calling as teachers, nurses or y'know, winners of TV shows. Taking also, time to recharge of course. While their lives are certainly not without stress or adversity, they are also not without goodness or joy. They jump into the deep end and live with purpose.  Is that not something we can emulate in our own lives--regardless of our particular vocations?

Right now? I'm trying to keep up with about seven different things. I'd like to think that this is manageable. It's not. Truth be told, in every thing that I'm "juggling" I'm doing a real crappy job. I'm trying to be a superhero by "doing it all", but in reality, only stretching myself too thin--becoming Elastigirl. (aka a lame superhero who wears immodest clothes.)  This is only causing extra, unneeded chaos in my life, but doing a disservice to those around me by not really...being there.

It's good to love many things. Good to have dreams and aspirations--and to chase after them. It's not that you can't do anything but rather that you can't do everything.

You will love many things in life, but remember that love cannot exist without sacrifice. Want to go off and be the worlds most passionate icecream lover? Do it. But in that, remember, you won't  also be able to be the worlds most fit person at the same time.

There comes a point where you must discern what is most important. Ask God where He is calling you, what is important, and then run after those things. Go be the best student you can. Go be that adventurous traveler. Go and be there for your best friend. It isn't a death sentence to boring-town, it's an invitation to focus on what really invitation to do away with the unneeded distractions and plunge fully into what will lead you & others to Heaven. Sainthood y'all.

The three-things-rule, is a starting point for this. Sometimes we can't choose our "things"--being a mother of whiny children, a student during finals, an employee at a crappy job. Sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do. But if it is necessary, if God has brought you to it, go into it with great intensity and passion.

Every once in awhile (or more), life is bound to get chaotic & there won't be anything you can do about it. Don't despair! In those times remember the words of St. Francis de Sales: "Everyone should pray 1 hour each day, unless you are busy. If you are busy, you should pray for two."  Let Him be the foundation of your life & He'll bring you through the crazy.

Don't be afraid to let go of being the do-it-all-superhero dream.

Pray, simplify, focus & BECOME A SAINT....not some lame, immodest superhero.


  1. This was literally THE best post in the world. ;)

    1. You, are LITERALLY, the cooooolest person. In the world.

  2. I second Abbey... this is the best post in the world. Yes, the picture IS a sore thumb (very much so, haha, totally destroys the beautiful flow and soft, thoughtful greys and blues and pinks of your blog, hehehe). Dude, your disclaimer made me laugh so hard... you know me, going about my life taking advice from you, and going out to the store to buy a stretchy suit (but not a cape, xD)... :) But the post was amazing. Absolutely amazing. ♥♥


      No capes = RIGHT-O. (Edna is the bomb diggity.)

      You make me laugh.

      And thank you. <3

  3. Thank you so much Mariah! Somehow, you managed to be utterly hysterical and utterly helpful at the same time. Now we can all know that we should rejoice in our vocations, stay focused on service, and not wear elastic jumpsuits. Oh the joy!!!!!

    1. You KNOW those are the three fundamental means of achieving sainthood.... I think it's in the bible or somethin'.

      Thanks for spreading your joy!!! <3

  4. Somehow I didn't comment earlier, just linked to your post....but your writing most certainly deserves an "AMEN" comment! I love, love how you put it...especially the part about "You want to be the world's most passionate ice cream eater? Do it. Just don't expect to be the most fit person in the world also." So. True.

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder - you're an inspiration as always, Mariah. :)

    1. Thank you. Absolutely means the world to me that you could go out and say such encouraging things. You're a dear!


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