saturday night

tonight looks like slight sleepiness, the kind that comes after family reunions and a few hours in the car.  it’s wardrobe choices include  soft tees and gym shorts, paired with smudged makeup, windblown hair, and if you look at my arms just right they actually look almost a bit more tan. that's new. 

you'll find most of the family off to bed, they're tired too. pandora instead keeps me company, as she plays her choice of tunes. it’s one of those nights where i’m unable to decide on a radio station so we're going shuffle style. this results in michael bublé being followed by imagine dragons, reggae, ingrid michaelson, country,and whatever else master pandora desires. it works for me in an eccentric, eyebrow raising kind of way.

a miniature fan runs on low because  while it isn't uncomfortably warm, the wind doesn't quite bring enough air into the room. it also assists in drowning out the sounds of the neighbors talking around their bonfire a couple houses down and the crickets, which is great as i never much cared for their chirping after all.

the room boasts an "artsy" scattering of laundry, clean mostly, along with random bits of life and books thrown about. currently, there are 4 books atop the alarm clock next to my bed, along with one in my purse and another on the floor beneath a few t-shirts. a sudden urge came about sometime last week, a want to read and read and read. so i've read and read and read. this is rather different for me, yet wholly fantastic.

despite the clutter, i feel almost organized inside--at least in one way. with yesterday’s realization (an exciting one, no doubt) that my trip to europe begins in a mere 75 days, i’ve decided that official plans need to start being put into order. this task comes with a lot emotions. happy anticipations, excitement, overwhelmingness, uncertainty, glee, indecisiveness (too. many. options.), EXCITEMENT, etc etc etc. oooofda. but ideas are coming along and schedules will soon follow. it’s fun, and exhilarating in the best way. side note: i have a newfound respect for tripadvisor, pinterest and googlemaps. also, slinkies: the perfect relaxation distraction.

other than those things, it’s life as usual. crazy, exhausting, beautiful life. during the past few weeks and my almost-absence  from the blogger world, i’ve been 800 miles south and back, 3 hrs east and back, logged between 25 and 30 hours  into working like a madwoman each week, had a visit from my brother, celebrated a best friend’s engagement, a family reunion, graduation party, coffee & skype dates, and SO MUCH STUFF. (and netflix). with all these things, the good times and the icky ones, i tend to find myself with  much to say but without the knowing how to get the words out just right. this little break has given me time to adjust and think over all that has passed most recently and organize such thoughts a little better. it’s all good and now i’m ready to be backk! woohoo!


  1. Tripadvisor is my hero. Also, please know I will most likely be hunting you down for your itinerary and all practical details about your galavant across the water. ;)
    Country Girl's Daybook

  2. You really bring people into your world with your blog posts. It's fantastic.

    Beautiful photographs.

    1. Rose, thank you for such a lovely compliment. ♥


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