just before bed | gemma bernadette

she plays.
her dolls  walk and talk.
you  can hear her little melodic voice
across the room, down the hall, 
with babbles loud and soft in-between
lyrics of "let it go". (yes, she sings too)

tonight she sat on my bed
almost completely silent as she made her doll dance.
almost tired, 
almost ready for the end of the day. 
'almost' being the key word here, 
as she tends to be rather stubborn about these things.

but for as long as she could get away with it,
she played. 
and it was precious.

( just for the sake of proving that she is far from being a mellow-spirited child, I give you these.... hashtag she is such a ham.) 


  1. Love this! She is so adorable. :)

    1. Thanks friend! I'm super excited with how these turned out... they're the exact reason I love taking pictures.

  2. So cute... I love how your photographs capture the person. ♥ It's really, really lovely to see the personalities shine through your lovely photos... and black+white is my favorite.

    1. Thanks dear. Absolutely, 100% made my day then, and today, and every day in between since you wrote that. ♥


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