hello, number 7.

(After much intercession to the patron saint of children with ape-like-arms, I can say with much gratitude that I eventually grew into those oddly long limbs. Sort of.) 

 There was excitement that day. I wore my favorite outfit and hand-beaded necklace. At the time, all the events about to take place made sense. God obviously knows that 13-year-olds can't handle a whole lot of anything--even if they have monstrously long arms, because in serious retrospect, I  actually knew so very little.

There I stood, in front of the cathedral next to my big brother (shout out to Eric! HEY!),  with what was just enough knowledge and information to get started on this crazy journey.  Considering how Catholicism has been a beautiful blessing in my life, and how far I've come, I realize so much more fully how God really does have our lives under control.

It's been 7 years since becoming Catholic, receiving the Eucharist (!!) for the first time and being confirmed. It was on Pentecost Sunday back in '07 when those three super huge things were thrown at Eric & I. It was crazy madness.

On this seventh anniversary I spent a bit of time contemplating the number.  From a biblical perspective, seven signifies perfection and completion... How far I am from those! So many obstacles I fail at, so many places in life where I fall short. 7 years into Catholicism and I can boast of nothing, because there is still much I do not know and so little that I actually do. I am not complete. I am not perfect. (Hey there, humility. I know you're good for me and all but dangit, you suck.) But I am most certainly a work in progress, and that isn't too shabby. Who knows, with the aid of much intercession and a plethora of graces I might turn out half way alright. Kyrie eleison.....

P.s. Seven is kind of an odd anniversary number to celebrate, but since I actually remembered it coming up & was able to get my hands on some icecream, it was quite necessary. So the morning included partying with Jesus at the most spectacular cathedral in Minnesota followed by some good ol' St. Ben & St. Jerry's icecream. Aint no party like a Catholic party, am I right?


  1. Whoop! Congrats on being Catholic for 7 years!!! I think it's right to celebrate...better than celebrating 5, right, since I think that's supposed to be the number of man. The number of God is far better. And Pentecost is such an appropriate time to come into the Church, too: you set out upon the Christian life as the Holy Spirit is particularly descending upon the whole Church...and this year, at least, you had that AWESOME Ezekiel reading about bones being transformed into soldiers (sure to alarm and excite the neophyte, right?)

    Catholic parties rock.

  2. Happy Pentiversary! My parents reverted to the church on this day many many years ago. :) Thanks be to God!
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  3. Catholic parties and anniversaries are the best! ;) Congratulations on seven wonderful years, Mariah!


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