hello, may.

spring is in full swing and was definitely worth waiting for. the world is turning green, the smell of the dirt gets better and richer every time it rains (which is a lot) and the sunshine. oh, that glorious, glorious sunshine. i love waking up to the sunshine breaking through my bedroom windows in the morning. after a winter full of mornings that i could barely get out of bed, it feels so good to wake up refreshed and happy. how i adore being happy again and not tired. i've spent so much time being tired...months and months... i see the sun shining and thats exactly how i feel--bright and alive. also, my bff is finally back from europe. after a year of spending hours over skype its amazing to stand side by side with the girl who's heart has so beautifully impacted my life. 

right now is so very very lovely. 


  1. Waking up to the golden sunshine streaming in is the BEST. EVAH. ♥ Blessings!


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