a b b e y n o e l l e

 she has elegance and strength about her,
fast to laugh, though much  faster to share a grin.
i'll never understand her extroverted side,
but does it never ceases to encourage me to get out there
and love as she does; fully and excitedly. 
a truest friend, dearest sister, the epitome of faithful
and lovely to boot.
this is 
a b b e y  n o e l l e. 


  1. oh, these are gorgeous shots! and your sweet words made me tear up a little. ;) love ya, sissy!

    1. muah muah! <3 (those were quick side kisses. I gotta practice my french. ;) )

  2. Can we talk about how insanely cool it is that y'all are sisters? I probably shouldn't admit this, but I didn't realize that until last month when Abbey mentioned you on her blog! Anyways, gorgeous shots, girl. I love photographing my sisters too. They're always so available and easily bossed around for poses. ;)

    1. That's crazy! How on earth could you go so long without knowing?! We're basically clones of eachother. ;)

      Younger sisters are the bomb for those exact reasons. (and a million more!)


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