Monday. I am without an agenda. No obligations, pretenses or schedules. These aren't generally my favorite kinds of days, as they are usually they are brought on by sickness, exhaustion or some bad mood. But today I feel good and plan on simply living up this rainy Monday in a quiet, easy going way...just because. And yes, I am still wearing pajamas. In case you were wondering.

Speaking of the rain, it's the second or third (who's counting) day in a row of it.  How can anyone scoff at the droplets and cry as they fall pitter patter to the ground? The beauty of spring is this. It's right now, all around us. Spring. This is what we've been waiting for since the vibrant colors of October faded away, how can we justify being anything but happy with it's arrival?

I've discovered a new irrational fear. A few days ago I picked up Steinbeck's The Pearl from the library. Having never read Steinbeck (or basically anything other than childrens' literature), and certainly never hearing of this particular book, I'm slightly afraid of what it may contain. What if it isn't good and I hate it? This is the reason that after 3 days the book has remained at my desk, staring at me each time I enter the room, haunting my dreams as I sleep. So that's that.

And there you go. My random thoughts all typed out. What does your Monday look like?

P.s. I had cantaloupe along with lunch, which tasted fresh and spring-y, despite not being completely ripe. The season for perfectly flavorful produce is right around the corner though! Hooray!


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